End of Season 2. Mikolop, Playoffs,Team-Standings squad!

POSTED BY rinka August 1, 2018 in Uncategorized
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Another hard fought season of Hearthstone is over, but its end is bringing us some good news as well.
Mikolop managed to maintain his top Top50 spot to finish #42, which is enough to get him to the playoffs in Prague, as well as for the team to finish with over 70 points, which is the threshold for the Pro team standings.
In the Season 3, starting August, we will be represented by Mikolop, Oloninho, and MistrzWujo.
Also big congratulations to Xeno, A83650, and Lucken!!!
Dawid is still fighting for his finish, but it’s to be assumed its gonna be a very good one. Stay tuned for more news, thanks for all your likes as they mean a lot to us!